Winter Sunday Funday

sunday funday winterI’m usually not the biggest fan of winter but when there’s sledding & baby giggles involved…


Karter is only 9 months old so we used THIS high-back sled for our winter outing! We received it as a Christmas gift {Thanks Grandma & Grandpa!} and let me tell you, it was a blast! We ran around the yard and based on Karter’s reaction, the faster the better! {I think we have a little speed-demon on our hands.}

And talk about a great workout – I’m sore already!

{Let’s be serious…I’ll take this kind of workout ANY day!}

FullSizeRender (5)

The arms were waving, the legs were kicking, and those giggles…Oh those giggles.

I hate to say it but I actually couldn’t be happier that it snowed today!

Made for a great day with my boys…

Hope everyone had a great Sunday, too! And did something fun with family, friends, or just for YOU this weekend!

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