What the last 9 months have taught me…

I’ve been a mom for exactly nine months today. {Happy 9 month birthday to our sweet boy!} I am FAR from knowing it all. {Far is actually the biggest understatement!} But, I feel like I’ve really embraced my new role as a mom, am still learning  something new every single day, and reflect quite a bit about what is truly important in life…

So here you go!


9 things the past 9 months have taught me:

  1. You can do anything, but you can’t do it all. I’m a huge fan of Pinterest. I still use it a lot but used to spend HOURS on it. I mean come on, who wouldn’t feel inspired to paint & redecorate their entire home and cook 56 freezer meals for under $26 on a Saturday after spending an hour on Pinterest?! {Can I get an “amen”} All joking aside, I’ve learned that all of that “Pinteresty” stuff can wait sometimes. You can do anything you put your mind to, but setting realistic goals and sticking to them will make you feel much better! TRUST ME.
  2. “Play time” is the most important part of the day. Seriously, play time is the most important time of the day in our house. How lucky, right?! I am truly a believer in QUALITY time with your loved ones – kiddos, husband, wife, significant other, parents, siblings, friends, dog, etc. Dishes, laundry, dusting, packing lunches…it can all wait. Kyle and I work a number of nights every month (and some weekends) so when we get home on an “early” night from work, we usually have about 1.5 hours (max) with Karter. No complaints {we are both lucky in that we love our jobs}, just a fact. The important thing is that we’ve learned to leave the stress of the day at the door. It’s amazing what a little reading, tickling, crawling around the house, and splashing in the tub can do for both Karter’s happiness and our moods! No matter what your situation is, you will never look back and regret a little extra fun, quality time with the people you love the most. The laundry…it can wait.
  3. Being a mom {parent in general} is tough. Who would have thought! <Insert sarcasm here> Being a mom is by far the most AMAZING, tough, tiring, fun, and exciting role. What truly amazes me is how one little human can make such a major impact on your life. My husband and I spend our “date nights” {all 3 of them} talking about our proud parent moments, something funny that Karter did, looking at pictures & videos of him on our phones together, etc. We will be in the middle of an actual conversation and both break into “Bah Bah Blacksheep” because the tiny noise that Karter made sounded like “bah.” I am the luckiest woman alive to have a happy, adorable {I know, I’m biased}, giggly, healthy son. But let me tell you, the sleepless nights and lack of “me” time catches up.
  4. On that note… “ME” time is so important. Find a little bit of time for you. And let your hubby/wifey have some alone time, too. Take a nap. Do your nails. Go for a walk. Run to Target. Do SOMETHING every week that is just for you. I’ll be honest, I feel guilty when I take “me” time. But why? Everyone needs it. Let’s make sure we all take a little “me” time each week from here on out, okay?
  5. Be present in the moment. I am still working on this but am realizing more and more how important it is. Any of you have trouble with this, too? for example, with all the social media sites, it’s tough to not want to kick back after a long day of work and just start browsing. Wouldn’t it be nice to be on vacation THERE? Oh, Nordstrom is having a sale! Where is that dinner recipe I pinned 4 months ago? An hour could go by and I think, did I even ask my husband how his day was? It happens to all of us. It’s so easy to get caught up in what we want to/will do instead of focusing on the now. Dreams, goals, and aspirations for the future are great but remember to enjoy the moments you are in, too. It’s incredible how quickly they pass by.
  6. It’s amazing what you DON’T know about people. I say this a lot. Sometimes, too much. But it’s so true! I remember the day I was sitting in my office reading a student’s college admission essay about losing both parents within a year (true story) and thinking to myself, I just met with this kid! The most positive, mature kid…how is this even possible?! We live in a society where people are encouraged put on their happy faces and just deal with things. In certain situations, it works! But there comes a point where you can’t assume you know everything about every smiling person you come in contact with. I’ve learned over the past nine months to just be careful about making assumptions. It’s amazing what people go through that you might not know about. Everyone is dealing with something. Let’s all just be a little more positive & supportive of one another – it makes everyone happier and life easier when we don’t make assumptions about other people’s lives.
  7. The importance of just being thankful. I’m making this one short and simple. But seriously, take a step back from all the “stuff” in life and focus on what truly matters: your loved ones. I’ll be the first to admit that I like “stuff” whether it be a new bag, pair of shoes, or something fun for the house. But I’ve also come to realize that “stuff” will never be as meaningful as the moments you share with people you love. Rethink what you are truly thankful for every once it awhile. I promise you will feel a renewed sense of happiness and hope with your life!
  8. My biggest piece of advice {to myself & all of you} is don’t take all the advice you get too seriously. No matter where you are in life or what you are doing, EVERYONE has a piece (or fifteen pieces) of advice for you! {I’m guilty of this myself!} Sometimes, it can be overwhelming. So many opinions about so many things. I mean, look at this post! (Ha!) Take all the advice you get with a grain of salt {preferably on top of a margarita…just sayin’}. You know your “go-to” people in life so take their advice seriously and do what you want with the rest. Create your life and all the amazing moments the way that works best for YOU. And if you want my biggest piece of advice, don’t make life too complicated. {Remember #1? You can do anything but you absolutely cannot do it all.}
  9. The most important thing I’ve learned the past 9 months…Celebrate life! I mentioned in another post {here} about how I’ve just been feeling BLAH lately. But, it’s because of MY personal choices. It’s not fun to live life constantly worrying about things. There are so many stresses in life but just as many {if not more!} things to celebrate. It’s okay to pat yourself on the back, hug your kiddos, kiss your significant other, and/or shout “yay!” every once in awhile for the hell of it. Whether it’s because you finished your to-do list, didn’t forget the one item you absolutely needed at the grocery store, actually made dinner AND your family liked it {hallelujah!}, found THE boots you wanted 1/2 off WITH free shipping, got an extra hour to play with your babies, or just had an overall good day at whatever you were doing…celebrate life a little bit! It’s amazing how your mood will change if you think like a kid and clap your hands, dance around with no worries, and just enjoy life. You have it all together more than you realize. Celebrate the little moments, the big moments, and all of them in between…You won’t regret it!



  1. Kait

    Love it and love you!

  2. Terri U.

    I loved it!

  3. Amy Sublett

    This is great! Good to know I’m not alone out there in feeling some of those same things during the first year of parenthood—it’s awesome but it’s hard! Definitely important to feel GOOD about ‘me’ time and that it is okay and important focus on ourselves and health every once in a while (my current struggle.)Can’t wait to read more! I love when people are open and honest about the good and the bad! Congrats on this!!

    1. Krista {Spread the Yay}

      Thank you so much, Amy! Parenthood being awesome but hard is right! I’m glad you enjoyed the post – definitely more to come!

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