This Road Called LIFE

On this road called LIFE, sometimes you hit the smooth part and sometimes you hit the bumpy part. Sometimes the winding back & forth seems to never end and sometimes it’s a straight shot to where you have to go. Every once in awhile, something jumps out and completely surprises you or blocks your way. It causes you to veer off course but it’s up to you to keep control and continue on.

As you drive on the road of LIFE, pay attention to the details. Read and listen to the signs. And most importantly, stay focused on where you’re going not where you’ve been or what’s long behind you.

There’s always an alternate path. There’s always a way to get to where you want to go. No matter how many road blocks are in your way, just keep moving forward or turnaround and try another way.


This road called LIFE is an AMAZING journey and you are strong enough to handle whatever path you take. Trust yourself to navigate and choose the path that’s best for you.

And remember that sometimes you deserve to just turn the tunes up, roll the windows down, put the cruise control on and lose yourself in the beauty of the journey.

No matter where you’re going…ENJOY THE RIDE.



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  1. Terri U.

    This was soooo good…keep them coming!!

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