Think Like an Olympian

I’m seriously so inspired by all of the Olympic athletes competing right now. Talk about dedication and hard work – they are beyond amazing. But when it comes down to it, they are also real-life people like you and me. Take Dana Vollmer (USA swimmer) for example. She stepped away from swimming after her last Olympic appearance to pursue some of her other dreams outside of swimming, like having a baby. After she had her son, she found a whole new sense of motivation to get back into the world of swimming and get back to the Olympics.

These athletes are dedicated to their goal and to their vision. They know what it takes to be the best and they live everyday with that focus in mind. They maintain a healthy level of competition with others but even more importantly, themselves. They are proud of themselves, they are hard on themselves, and they visualize themselves performing at their very best.

Now, I know we can’t all or don’t all want to be Olympic athletes but I do know that each and every one of us has a vision in mind of the things we want in life. A healthy family. A supportive group of friends. A job that challenges and inspires us. A six pack. {Of abs or beer, everyone has different goals!} A baby. A vacation. A home. A vacation home.

Whatever it is that we want in our lives, we can learn a thing or two from these amazing Olympic athletes on how to be the best in our own lives, no matter what our goals may be.

In trying to think about the “Olympian mindset,” I’ve come up with FIVE tips to help shape your mind and pursue your own life vision & goals:

{one} With yourself and others, on your own or with a team, healthy competition is well, healthy.

{two} Find your passion and pursue it without hesitation.

{three} Work hard but keep a good balance.

{four} Do what you love, love what you do, and don’t let anything {including your own mind} get in your way.

{five} Just remember it simply comes down to this…A positive mind = a positive life.

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