That “Glowing” Person

There’s something to be said for those people that just have a “glow” about them. No, not the bride on her wedding day type of glow. {Or the groom…who else HAS to watch the groom on the wedding day?! Talk about a glow. Amazing!} What I’m talking about here is the daily glow. Maybe not the everyday glow but the MOST days glow. That thing about some people that just makes them shine. We all have that person in our lives who inspires us to laugh a little more and live life a little better. That judgement-free, no BS, truly happy, good to the core person. Can you picture them? Think about them for a minute.

You smiled just thinking about them, didn’t you?

Now here’s an even better thing to picture. What if someone else just read this and YOU were their “glowing” person? YOU were the one that they just pictured and smiled about? YOU were the one that inspires them to do more. To achieve more. To live more. YOU were the no-judgement, celebrate life, help each other to be better person for them.

When you start thinking about the positive energy that you can give to others instead of just what you can get from others, it starts changing the way you look at life. You stop comparing and start living. Let me say this again…

The minute YOU stop comparing, YOU start living.


Take time to do an inventory of your own life and a realization check with yourself. We all have our own strengths and happiness in life. What are you happy with? What can you celebrate about your own life? What do you want to change? What is your motivation for changing those things? Is it internal motivation? Is it something you truly want? Or are you comparing your life with others and wishing you had what they have?

The minute you realize you can mix internal motivation with external inspiration from others is the minute you will truly start living. Instead of comparing yourself with others, what can you learn from them? Instead of competing with others, what can you create together? Instead of wishing you had something in life that you truly want, take positive actions and do it. We can learn so much from one another that the possibilities are endless.

So start today! What can you do to make a positive impact on others? How are you going to become THAT person with “the glow” about them? Let me say this…Many of you reading this right now are those glowing people to me.

You inspire me, support me, challenge me, and continuously fill my life with a whole lotta’ fun. Thank you!

Together, amazing things can happen! Happy weekend friends!

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