Summer Fun

If Karter had his way, we would skip every nap, meal, show, bath, you name it – just to stay outside and play. Although we don’t let him go that far, his “play all day” mentality is contagious…and we take FULL advantage! Whether it’s splashing in the pool, running around the park or splash pad, exploring a new trail, or just digging in any rocks/dirt we can find – he keeps us moving & exploring and we love it!

Here are some of our summer favorites so far this year! More to come!

(Please, share yours in the comments below – we always love new ideas for outdoor fun!!)

{one} Sprinkler Beach Ball

This was one of our favorites last year, too! If you don’t have one, jump on your PRIME account and get one shipped in the next 2 days. It may take awhile to blow-up, but it’ll be hours of fun for you and your kiddos!

{two} Water Toys – or anything you can fill/cover with water

The best thing about 2 year olds – they don’t expect fancy things and will turn just about ANYTHING into a toy. It’s so much fun to get creative and watch their minds wander. One of my favorite days so far this summer was the day I bought a big storage container to pack things away and instead, it turned into a fun “water table” that we ended up splashing in for days! Grab a hose, buckets, balls and anything else you can dunk in water – get creative! Some of the best moments are those that are totally unplanned.

{three} SAFE Sunscreen

If you read my Beautycounter post, you know I’m beyond excited to be joining the mission to get safer products into the hands of EVERYONE. There are two major ways to ruin a perfect summer day: 1. Forget sunscreen and get completely burned and/or 2. Even worse, slather yourself and your kids with potentially harmful chemical-based sunscreen. My family has chosen to make a few small changes to the everyday “beauty” products we use because well, WHY NOT? It’s the smallest, most simple things that we can control in life that can have such a great impact on our health & wellness. Learn more at or email me at to ask questions and request FREE samples. (No pressure to buy – I just love the products and as promised, I will only share things I truly believe in!)

*REMINDER! If you didn’t see my Instagram/Facebook posts – message or email me if you want to put a sunscreen order in (or add one to your order!) and I will cover the shipping for you! Orders must be made before Sunday, June 25 at 5pm EST.*

Share your summer fun ideas in the comments below – Yay Summer!

My boys – Sweet Summertime!