Relax + Contour Like a Pro

Welcome to Spread the Yay’s Monday Mix! Keeping it short and sweet – Talking about National Relaxation Day and how to contour your face like a pro.

Wishing all of you the best week!

{one} It’s National Relaxation Day!

Whether it’s strolling {or clicking} through your favorite store, kicking back with an extra cup of coffee, stepping away from the office for a few minutes, or zoning out to your favorite podcast, take 1 hour, 30 minutes, or even 5 minutes today to JUST RELAX. {It’s a national holiday, you almost HAVE to! Right?}

As a side note, do you meditate? If so, I want to hear how you got started and what daily methods you use! I recently jumped on board and have been trying different times and methods during the day. Overall, it truly is the absolute best form of relaxation. {Email me with your tips: – I would so appreciate it!}

Looking for other “national holidays” coming up? Click HERE for all of them. A fun way to celebrate the little things!

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{two} Contour like a Pro!

Pinterest has some of the BEST visuals so that it’s super easy to learn how to contour your face! View all of them HERE and make sure to follow Spread the Yay on Pinterest for more style & makeup inspo.

I use THIS contour palette that my girlfriends got me hooked on – It’s under $10 and I use it daily!

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