Organizing Your “To-Do” Lists

How many times have you ran into work in the morning and spent the first portion of your day thinking about your to-do list for the day? How about when you walk into the grocery store and can’t remember that ONE freakin’ item you absolutely needed but forgot to write on your list? How about that random Tuesday afternoon thought of “I have to remember to do that this weekend” which ends up being so far from your memory by the time Friday hits?


Now, let’s change the scenarios a bit. Think about how you would feel if…

You walk into work and pull out your to-do list {already complete!} for the day and get started. You walk into the grocery store and look at your list that you updated when you had the initial thought {4 days prior} of what you needed to buy. You remember on Friday that you thought about doing something specific this weekend earlier in the week and “wallah!” it’s there on your “Weekend” list.

My challenge for you is to use that fancy smartphone of yours in the simplest way possible to help lower your stress and get your life more organized. {Come on, this challenge can’t sound any better can it?!}

It only takes 3 steps {below!} to dive right into a more organized and less stressful day starting…NOW!

Step 1: Open whatever “Notes” app you use. (I use the basic, good ole’ NOTES app that came pre-loaded on my iPhone.)

By the way – have you added Spread the Yay to your home screen yet? 🙂

Step 2: Delete all the random notes that you are done with/don’t need. (If you haven’t used the note in 1 month or more, DELETE it.)

Step 3: Start fresh with new folders or categories for all of your “to-do” lists. (Create categories that make sense for YOU and your family.)

My current categories/folders include: Blog, Design Projects/Color Codes {side note to this category: something exciting coming soon! YAY!}, Grocery, Karter, Karter Birthday Party, Kyle, Passwords, SHOP, Sitter/Mom, Weekend, and Work.

Most of my categories stay put all the time. I also add folders/categories when new things come up like Karter’s 1st Birthday Party {In less than a month might I add…eek! My baby boy is growing up way too fast!} and delete the entire folder/category once it’s over! Every time a thought pops in my head with an idea or something I need to do for the party, I put a note in the folder “Karter – Birthday Party.” When I’m packing lunches and realize we are out of something like cheese or hummus, I put a quick note under “Grocery Store.” I even have a category labeled “Kyle” {my hubby!} because I think of things I want to tell him throughout the day and know I absolutely won’t remember by the time I walk in the door after work! “What did I mean to tell you today?! Oh wait, let me just check my notes real quick…”

When you stop and think about it…this is SO EASY isn’t it?!

And what about for work? {Again, I have a category/folder labeled “WORK” that I only use for lists & notes specifically related to my job.} I open my WORK folder every single night before bed. I jot down any and all thoughts associated with work such as emails and phone calls I need to make, personal tasks, projects, and the list goes on. I get it all “written” {texted} down before I let myself go to bed. It takes all of 5 or 10 minutes and the main point here is that I go to bed knowing that I won’t forget a single thing I thought about wanting to-do the next day because {again} it’s all written down!

Organized List-Making…Let’s do this!

There is a REAL thing called “mommy brain” {Well, I personally think it’s real! And may I add it’s way WORSE than pregnancy brain…} and my definition of “mommy brain” can be summed up with the following personal examples/scenarios:

  1. Did I even eat lunch today? (A question I ask myself especially on the weekends running around with my little guy!)
  2. That time you pulled your son’s play cell phone out of your purse instead of your own while checking out at Target. {No Cartwheel app on that thing!}
  3. “I cannot find my mascara anywhere!” Looking…looking…frustrated/throwing things…looking….Oh wait, it’s in my hand.

By the way, even if you’re not a Momma, I’m sure you are one busy woman and I just know you can feel the pain with this, too!

So let’s stop stressing ourselves out about all the things we forget to do and start making a habit out of organized list-making. Go into your weekend with a fresh new organization technique (if you don’t do this already!) and take some stress off yourself and your overall mindset. Make a conscious effort to practice this technique daily and soon enough, it will become a habit!

If you have any questions on this technique, leave them in the comments below! And as always, please feel free to share your thoughts – I love hearing from you! What is your simplest tip to getting organized and cutting down stress?

Oh! And one more thing… add wine to your GROCERY list and just keep it there. {You’re welcome.}

Happy {almost} Friday friends!







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