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With our baby boy about to turn the big O-N-E, we’ve been doing a lot of reflecting on the past year around our house. Looking through old pictures, we can’t even believe how fast a year can fly by! {I guess the saying “time flies when you’re having fun” is even more true with a kiddo involved!}

nursery decor

Back when we were prepping for Karter to arrive, we had the best time designing and decorating his nursery. I’ve heard from a few of you recently that you would like to read some home decór related posts and I’ll be honest…I love it! We live in a small house that we completely fixed-up back when we first got engaged. We were renting it at the time and ended up buying it. It’s far from fancy but sharing some decorating ideas and DIY home-decor posts is something we are more than happy to add to the mix on Spread the Yay!

So here we go! A look inside our not-so-baby boy’s room…

{FYI: All the details on how to find more information and purchase a number of the items shown below are at the end of the post!}

nursery decor

I must admit, Karter’s room is our most favorite room in the house. Not only did we design it with a placeholder and extra storage for EVERYTHING, but the colors & art just make it such a feel-good, happy space.

booksinkartersroom greatestadventuresign

For our baby shower, we received the most amazing collection of books. Displaying them in the room was a must! And as Karter gets older, this wire book display is perfect so that he can easily access his favorites. The sign was something we found at a local craft store and little did we know at the time, the statement couldn’t be more true!

emily ART 1 for kater's room

Even though we were focusing our color-scheme around gray, white and navy, I had to have some pops of color added to the room! This piece is our absolute FAVORITE. The print name is “Eternal Optimist” {fitting, right?} by the most talented abstract artist around, Emily Rickard.

EMILYART2for karters room

We also paired it with “Pacific Coast” by Emily Rickard {print shown above} which ties the whole room together perfectly!

IMPORTANT SIDE NOTE: If you are LOVING these prints like we do, STAY TUNED because we are featuring the artist on Spread the Yay ALL WEEK starting Monday! {Plus, she’s doing an amazing giveaway for our readers! YAY!}

 The final wall pieces we decided to add to the room were a three-panel white map set and triangle wall decals.


One of my husband’s favorite childhood memories was going on road trips with his family. He remembers reading through the maps and atlas on the way to their family adventures. His only big request was to have some sort of map in our son’s room to encourage curiosity and adventure. I know he probably would have preferred a little different style when he was thinking about having a map added to the room, but we just couldn’t pass up this modern twist on the traditional wall map. I have to admit, I often think about so many other places I could hang these down the road {an office, spare bedroom, and the list could go on!}.

wall decals

To add to the fun, a statement wall was a must! We used triangle wall decals so again, it’s easy to change up the decorations if we decide to in the future.

With all the trim painted white and choosing dark espresso furniture, the gray wall color couldn’t have worked better! It’s a soothing color that is perfect not only for a nursery but ANY room in a house.

The paint color is Sherwin Williams Light French Gray (SW 0055).

To add some navy, we received a beautiful navy glider chair & ottoman from family friends for our shower. {Amazing gift, right?!} We also found some fun navy/white stripe curtains that add great style to the room and make a bold statement. We added a couple of toy & stuffed animal baskets for easy-to-access storage, a diaper genie, video monitor, bottle warmer, table lamp, and hamper to round out our practical yet stylish baby room.

If you are wanting more details on the above items {or similar ones}, all the pictures and links below will direct you to the different sites for details, dimensions, and how to purchase some of our favorites for your home!


**Emily Rickard prints can be found on her ETSY site by clicking HERE**



Remember to stay tuned for an exciting week featuring our favorite abstract artist! And Friday…it’s giveaway time!

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