Morning Motivation + Protect Your Hair + Weekend Getaway

Did you see Spread the Yay’s first Monday Mix? If you’re wondering what this concept is all about, check out the first one from last week HERE for all the details!

{one} One simple trick to turn your whole day around…

Tell me this, how many of you wake up and start the day by saying something to yourself like:

“Ugh, look at those bags under my eyes.”

“Oh my gosh I have such a busy day. Can I just stay in bed?!”

“Ew, what is my hair doing?”

Ok, you get the point. Guilty, right?

I want you to try something this week. Before thinking any of those thoughts, make a conscious decision to start your day off on a positive note the minute you wake up. Have a quote ready to read, a thought that will get you ready to tackle the day, SOMETHING. 

sticky notes

I was listening to a podcast this past week and one of the hosts said she writes a new positive quote or message on her bathroom mirror each week. When her alarm goes off, she sits up and heads straight to the bathroom to read the quote, wash her face, and kick off her day. Starting your day with a positive message will change your mindset for everything else that happens. It takes practice, but do yourself a favor and try it! We all have our days, but it’s amazing how much better you will feel when you implement this one tiny change to your morning routine.

{two} Protect your hair with one of my absolute favorite hair care products…

 Aquage Beyond Body Sealing Spray


Not only does it help prevent frizz, but it seals and protects your hair against all the heat damage. Every time I use it, my hair feels instantly stronger and my curls last for hours longer. You can have it shipped directly to you by ordering it HERE from or HERE from Amazon.


{three} I can’t wait for our weekend getaway to…Annapolis! Yay!


Keeping this short & sweet as I will be sharing all the details of our trip to Annapolis in a future post!

3 things I am so looking forward to during this trip:

(one) Exploring the downtown shops & restaurants

(two) Spending time on the water

(three) Most importantly, enjoying every minute of this beautiful place with my family!

Have a great week, friends!

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