Monday Mix: Weekend Vibes + Etsy Favorite + Breakfast Inspo

Welcome to another Spread the Yay Monday Mix! Talking about a new favorite Etsy shop, a breakfast recipe round-up, & thoughts on why I am so thankful for this past weekend.

Thanks for stopping by, friends! Enjoy your week!

{one} Etsy favorite: Owl Love You Designs

If you are in need of a gift or just a fun pick-me-up for yourself, you have to check out one of my favorite Etsy shops – Owl Love You Designs! With custom products like mason jar tumblers, wine glasses, and makeup brush holders, you will absolutely LOVE their fun, trendy, custom products. Below are some of my favorites – Click the pictures and head straight to Owl Love You Designs Etsy site to shop now!

Photo credit: Owl Love You Designs

{two} Spread the Yay Breakfast Inspo

When Spread the Yay started in January, the goal was to bring a fun mix of everything lifestyle related – style, motivation, product reviews, and yes, FOOD. There have been some awesome responses to the recipe posts so I thought I’d bring back two popular ones for all of you two use this week!

A little breakfast beverage + food inspo to kick-off your Monday…

Espresso Yourself


Cinnanut Overnight Oats


{three} Last, but definitely not least…THANKFUL FOR THIS WEEKEND

So this weekend was pretty eventful in so many ways. I’ll tell you what though, I am truly thankful for everything that happened and THAT is a great way to kick-off the week. First and foremost, two of my uncles (my dad’s brothers) had major successful surgeries. Hearing about the success of their surgeries throughout the weekend and their positive attitudes during the entire experience was a total life-changing ‘yay’ moment beyond words. It’s pretty amazing that through these surgeries, my one uncle was a life saver and my other uncle got his life back. Brings me to tears just thinking about it! {Proud of you both, John & Mike!}  Another moment I’m thankful for was that my hubby & I spent Saturday at the hospital after he hurt his ankle and found out it’s not broken {woo hoo!}.  He’s doing well and should be back to normal in a few weeks. And how about my sweet boy learning to blow kisses?! This totally melts my momma heart & makes dad feel 10x better while he’s recovering! Other weekend ‘yay’ moments – My parents surprised us by dropping dinner off Friday night, we spent Sunday afternoon catching up with friends and we got some great family time together throughout the weekend. And I have to add that I also started an awesome workout plan & meal prepped for the week which feels great!

Going into the week on a number of positive notes is an awesome feeling but listen, I didn’t just say all of the above for no reason. I want to make a point that starting each day and each week on a positive note starts with your mindset and how you react to the happenings of life. Worry, anxiety, doubt, fear and all of those negative emotions that come with the stress of life situations that happen to us and our loved ones are undeniable. But learning to add confident thoughts and maintain a hopeful attitude through any tough time leaves little room for the negative. If you look at life experiences (the good, bad, and super ugly ones) in a positive way, learn from every experience you have, go about your day expecting the best to happen, and stop worrying about things that “could” happen, it’s pretty amazing how the world around you will react.

I found this from – keep it in mind as you kick-off your week!

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Start each day with a confident mind, positive attitude, and a hopeful heart.

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Enjoy your week everyone!

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  1. Patricia

    Hey Krista, Such great news about John and Mike! Yay is right! Just wanted to recommend a supplement for Kyle’s ankle wobenzym-n, available on amazon. I found it when I sprained my ankle, and it took down the swelling in about two hours. Great stuff for joints, soft tissue injuries and inflammation in general. Hope this is helpful.

    1. Krista {Spread the Yay}

      Thanks so much for the recommendation!

  2. Joni


    Thank you so much for featuring my shop on your blog! I’ve been wanting to try overnight oats for a while and can’t wait to try them out soon!

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