Happy Hydration

Confession: I love Easter candy. A lot. I would give Cadbury eggs their own food group, if I could.

But! As I’m sure we can all agree, the feelings that come on post-Easter candy are nothing to get excited about. After eating my weight in sugar over the holiday weekend, I woke up yesterday {and even today!} feeling like my body needed something green (besides marshmallow Peeps) and a whole lot of hydration.
You’ve probably heard this recipe called by a lot of names: sassy water, detox water, etc. Although I don’t have a fancy name for this one, I can promise you it will be delicious and help you get back on track after the holiday weekend!


Fresh mint


Fresh ginger

Lemons, limes, or lemon juice



Wash the fresh ingredients and chop the cucumber. Peel about 1 inch of fresh ginger and slice off as much as you’d like to use (it can be a little intense, so start with just a little if you’re not sure). This will taste best with fresh ginger or no ginger at all–don’t substitute the powdered kind from your spice rack. {Bonus: your hands will smell AMAZING after working with the ginger and mint!}. Combine all ingredients in a pitcher, refrigerate, and enjoy!
The flavor will intensify as you let it sit, but you might want to refresh your ingredients every day or so to keep them from getting mushy. I used this awesome infusion pitcher to get all the flavor without the floaties!
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Looking for an infusion pitcher? They are the absolute best.

Think sassy water. Lemons or peaches in your iced tea. Fruit in your chilled wine (sangria!).
Click any of the images below to learn more and/or purchase one!