Happy Birthday, Wild One!

Happy 1st Birthday, Karter!

To our sweet boy on your FIRST birthday,

You’ve completely stolen our hearts since day {minute} one. The last year has been the best year of our lives, thanks to you. You’ve brought so much joy into our lives and the lives of others. Your sweet giggle, perfect semi-toothy smile, and big brown eyes make our hearts just melt. We are in awe that we got so lucky to be blessed with you as our son.


You’ve taught us more this past year than we’ve ever learned before. Of course about parenting, but even more about ourselves and what is truly important in life. You are our WORLD. You’ve made us step back from the busy life we lead to make sure we take time to enjoy the little things. We love that play time with you is the best part of our family’s day. We love sitting on the porch watching all the “vroom vrooms” drive by and the pure happiness it brings you. We love singing, dancing, and now running around the house with you. Your high pitched squeals and belly laughs instantly put us in the best mood. We love watching you learn and that sweet little personality of yours develop each day. We love snuggling up with you to read a book and how excited you get to look under the flaps on your favorite pages. We are amazed by your growth over the last year. Seeing you happy & healthy makes us count our blessings everyday.


Today on your birthday, our wish for you is simple: Keep smiling, laughing, running wild, and playing hard every day as you continue to grow. Keep that fearless spirit of yours and know that your love for life has only strengthened ours. Most importantly, know that Mommy & Daddy love you and are celebrating you not just today, but every day.


We love you so much sweet boy. Happy first birthday, ‘Wild One!’


Mom & Dad