Feel Good Friday

So, I’m sitting here catching up on the Bachelor episodes I missed. {Trashy TV fanatic right here! Who’s with me?!} My baby is sound asleep. My hubby wanted to get to bed early, too. The dishes are done and a load of laundry is in. {Ok, just kidding I didn’t do either tonight.} But, I did decide to put my feet up, turn my computer on and just start browsing while I hear shrills of joy over date cards and special guests showing up on the Bachelor.

And as random as it sounds, a thought hits me… LIFE IS GOOD.

FullSizeRender (6)

Let me preface this with what kind of week it’s been. I took out our garage door with my car. {I could argue the garage door hit me but let’s just say it’s a long story!} Karter was a disaster after receiving a shot at his 9 month appointment. {Mommy’s heart was broken seeing him sad and not feeling well ALL day…ugh!} Just overall, without boring you with my list, it’s been one of THOSE weeks. A lack of “yay” moments to say the least.

So tonight…I took a deep breath. A big “whew it’s almost Friday!” breath. I drowned out the 15 girls talking over each other on the Bachelor and just started to reflect on the stress & frustration I had felt all week.

“Krista…Listen to yourself. Look at your life.”

Have you ever stopped and got real with yourself like that? That’s exactly what I did. I stopped browsing for a minute and just started thinking about the most SIMPLE, positive things that happened today. I got to eat dinner and read bedtime stories with my boys tonight. We laughed, we tickled, we wrestled, and we splashed some serious bubbles allover the bathroom. I got to see my parents and give them both a big hug today. My sister sent me a hilarious text that made me literally LOL mid-way through my work day. I had a great workout on lunch with one of my girlfriends.  It’s these things…these little, positive, SIMPLE things that make life so good. So many times we drown out the small, simple moments with the everyday stress and frustration that quickly builds up in all of our lives. We forget to take a step back and reflect on what is truly important.

It’s the people. It’s the MOMENTS.

The most SIMPLE moments with the people we love the most are often the part of life we forget to put a big focus on. Tonight, I stepped back from everything and took a minute to remember that I am truly lucky. That life is truly good. Everyone has their own “stuff” {keeping it PG} they are dealing with that builds up and sometimes creates a snowball effect of stress & frustration. Just remember, that when you feel like nothing is going right, take a step back from it all. Pick out the smallest, simplest moments of joy with the people you love the most and remember…


You’re doing it. You’re more on top of things than you realize. You’re loved & supported more than you know.

And most importantly…You’re worth it!

The biggest thing to try to remember {this is a reminder to myself, too!} is “don’t sweat the small stuff…and it’s ALL small stuff…” (One of my favorite quotes & books by Richard Carlson.)

Wishing all of you a “feel-good” Friday and weekend full of “yay” moments!