cheers wine cork memory jar

Cheers! Fun + Simple – DIY Cork Memory Jar

Often times, the biggest and smallest life celebrations have a little “cheers!” involved. If you’ve been following Spread the Yay for awhile now, you know me. You know I am on a journey to live a healthier lifestyle while also trying to enjoy the balance. You know that I try to look for the positive in everything but am also a total open book when it comes to the good, bad, ugly, and beautiful parts of life. And you also must know that I just can’t help it – I love my coffee and I love my wine! {I don’t have even amounts of both each day, I promise! Ok, maybe on Saturdays…}

Anyways! Are you a wine-lover like I am? {Add a glass of champs in there every once in awhile, too!} Have you ever thought about all the fun things you can do with your corks after? Coasters, place card holders, trivets, etc. So many cute ideas but oh wait…so little time!

cheers wine cork memory jar

Cheers to a simple idea that takes minutes to do and is such a fun way to keep track of some of life’s YAY moments!

DIY Cork Memory Jar

So here’s the deal, whenever you open a bottle of wine {or anything with a cork for that matter!} for whatever YAY moment you are celebrating, write the date and event on the cork and add it to your memory jar. {I picked up a cheap and fun-shaped vase at my local Target awhile back to keep all of mine in! HERE is a similar one.} It can be as simple as a dinner out with great friends or a night in with your hubby!

Some examples & my favorites as I look through our memory jar…

Honeymoon {champs cork!}

Girls night in/New house celebration!

Just Us – Date Night In!

Surprise Wedding Shower in Annapolis!

Hubby Made Dinner! {Hey, big and little YAY moments count! ha!}

Snowed In!

Mom & Dad Celebrate 30 Years!

Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

Cheers, friends! Wishing you a great weekend!

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