Celebrating 11 Months!

My husband and I both woke up this morning and our first thought was the EXACT same…”Do we really have an ELEVEN MONTH old as of today?!”

It’s amazing how fast the months fly by but then again, what was life like without our little man? Those of you with school-aged kids or even kiddos in college, married, etc are thinking “Oh girl, just wait!” I can’t even imagine!

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So when I first started this blog, I posted about 9 things I learned in the first 9 months of being a Mom {click HERE for the post!}. I feel like I just wrote that last week and it’s been 2 months now! And to be honest, it’s pretty amazing how much more I’ve learned about myself as a mom and wife in just 2 short months.

From finding out, to coming home, to starting our life as a little family of 3…Time sure does fly!

Throughout the next month leading up to our son turning ONE {gasp!}, I’m excited to continue to share everything I’ve learned in my first year as a mom. I’ll reiterate time and time again…I AM FAR FROM KNOWING IT ALL. But I  also can’t believe how much I’ve learned not only from the advice given by friends & family {and GOOGLE!} but also the good ole’ trials and errors of motherhood. It’s incredible how much you can learn from something that has no book, guide or checklist to follow!

Today, we are celebrating our silly, kind, snuggly ALMOST one-year-old! These past 11 months have been the most happy, most tiring, most emotional, and most loving months of our lives. And get ready, because there’s lots more to come on the planning of Karter’s WILD ONE party! {Excited to share the details with you throughout the next month!}

wild one
Karter is turning the WILD ONE!

Thank you for another amazing month of love and support with Spread the Yay! Stay tuned for an exciting month ahead!

Have a Happy Friday, Happy Weekend, and Happy 11 months to our sweet boy!