This isn’t a hobby.

This isn’t a “2nd job.”

THIS…this is a MISSION.

To say “I’m excited!” is an understatement. I am so proud to have joined the BEAUTYCOUNTER movement – a movement filled with amazing people that understand the truly incredible impact that small, healthy changes can have on your life.

It’s about wanting something more for yourself. Wanting something more for your life, your health, your family and friends’ well-being.

Looking back on the day in 7th grade when my mom finally let me buy that fabulous white eyeliner and bronzer (come on, you remember those days!) I have since been a true beauty product “junkie.” (Just browse my blog posts and you’ll get a great snapshot of my love for all things beauty-related.) Little did I know until just recently, I’m not only a product junkie but the term “junk” is actually the PERFECT word to describe so many of the products I’ve been putting on my face and body for over two decades. When I started this blog in 2016, I set out on a mission to treat my body & mind better and motivate others to do the same. Fast forward to today and here I am – a Consultant for BEAUTYCOUNTER. I am so proud to be joining a movement & mission to get safer, healthier products into the hands of people that deserve better – that’s you!

I stepped way outside my comfort zone starting Spread the Yay and the personal impact it’s had (in the most positive way) is unexplainable. Today, I’m doing the same. I will admit, I fear the eye-rolls. I worry now and again about the “great, another thing to clog my news feed” comments behind my back. But then, I remind myself to stop worrying and instead, lean in. Lean in to that uncomfortable feeling of pushing yourself to do something you know your were meant to do – motivate, inspire, and LIVE the best, healthiest life you can.

I’m so beyond excited to share this movement and these incredible products with you. These are products for you and your WHOLE FAMILY, which is the part I love the most. We ALL deserve better.

Explore, learn, shop & join the movement today:

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Feel comfortable reaching out to me just to explore, ask questions, and learn more.