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The last time I posted an update about my weight loss & health goals was January 16, almost a full month ago. I’ll tell you what, I indulged and went a little {okay, A LOT} overboard during the week-long {or so it seemed!} 30th birthday celebration at the end of January. Dinners with family & friends, happy hours, cake and ice cream… I didn’t hold back. For a few days following, I was mentally beating myself up.

Do you ever do that? Take certain holidays, your birthday, or even the “Hey, it’s Friday!” or “But I was good all week!” mentality to the extreme and treat yourself WAY MORE than you really should? Well, that is EXACTLY what I did. I took the fact that I was turning 30 as an excuse to just go for it.

On my actual birthday, I was down a total of 8.5 pounds. I was feeling good and honestly, really proud of myself on the changes I was making leaving my 20’s. After a few solid days of celebrating, I was back to being down only 5 pounds and felt a huge drop in my energy & attitude. There were a couple days following that I was really upset with myself for doing that. And then, I CHOSE to stop being so hard on myself. I couldn’t change the size of the piece of birthday cake {Raspberry filled by the way! YUM!} I ate a week prior. I couldn’t change the dinners out for 3 nights in a row. I couldn’t change the extra glass {okay, if i’m being truly honest…glasses} of wine I had. But most importantly, I couldn’t change the fact that I had THE BEST few days with the people I love the most. And why would I want to change that?! That was the most fun week I could have possibly imagined! A full day mid-week with my sweet baby boy. A family party. A day/night date with my hubby. Dinner out with friends. Shopping at my favorite stores. The list goes on! And here I am, stressing over every single thing that I “shouldn’t” have eaten.

I snapped out of it and made a decision to get back on track. I treated myself, I over indulged, and I had the most amazing time with my favorite people! And now, it’s all about getting back to focusing on my goals. I hit the age of 30 and now it was time to hit my goal weight of being down 30!

I’m happy to say that even though I fell off-track, I’m back on and feeling SO motivated. AND…drum roll…I’m down a total of TEN pounds! {1/3 of the way to my goal! woo hoo!} It may have taken longer than I wanted to shake off the last 5 pounds but they are gone and I’m committing to never let them back on my body!

The point of all this is not to talk about the amount of weight I’m down. The point is it’s NORMAL and OKAY to fall off-track every once in awhile. That’s life, isn’t it?! If you are trying to make healthy lifestyle changes to cut weight, get fit, and/or just feel better, it’s NORMAL to not be 100% on, 100% of the time. The decision is yours to make to get back on track to whatever your goal may be! We are too hard on ourselves for everything else we do in life. Focus on the positives and CHOOSE to move past your missteps and get motivated to focus on what works for you.

I’m excited to share some healthy tips that have really been working well for me lately later this week! Any good tips you have to share? Make sure to comment below with how you stay on track with your goals!

Stay motivated friends – it’s amazing what you can achieve when you turn your “attitude switch” to POSITIVE!



  1. Anonymous

    Congrats! Keep it up! This weekend was just that for me…we always have done pizza and wine for Valentine’s day and I DID PIZZA AND WINE…and wine…and wine. 🙂 Time to get back on track!

  2. Kameron

    Way to go girl!!! One of the best tips I can give & what works for me is WATER INTAKE! They say to drink at least half your body weight in ounces of water so I do that daily plus some! I am actually drinking a gallon (128oz) of water everyday! It makes all the difference in my weight loss & how I feel!!!! Keep up the awesome work:)

    1. Krista {Spread the Yay}

      That is awesome advice, thanks Kameron! You are always so positive and motivating!!

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