Happy 2017!

The new site is FINALLY live with easier to find posts and a simplified, cleaner layout. (Yes, I said a little YAY once I saw the finished product!) Although there are some tweaks waiting to be made, I couldn’t wait any longer to jump back into the world of blogging. Looking forward to another fun year of Spread the Yay!

Today, I’m talking about my resolution for the year. Last year, when I started the blog, my resolution was the typical “get healthy and lose weight.” Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good resolution and I made some progress but I’ll be honest, I lost focus of what was really important. I started obsessing over and getting frustrated with the number on the scale instead of focusing on HOW I FELT.  After coming up short with some of my wellness goals last year, I’ve done a lot of thinking and this year, my resolution is simple: ADD MORE.

Let me explain…

We’re all guilty of it: the mindset of LESS. It’s the mindset that hits us every so often or sometimes, far too often. We tell ourselves to cut things. To stop things. To take away things from our life.


I need to cut calories, sugar, junk.

Stop stressing so much.

Spend less time on social media sites.

Stop this. Cut that.

And the list goes on…


I’ll be the first to admit I’m guilty of all the above! But this year, in 2017, my resolution is simply this: ADD MORE.


ADD MORE exercise to my weekly routine.

ADD MORE water (and sometimes more champs or wine…balance, right?) and healthy foods consistently to my diet.

ADD MORE face time (not FaceTime… in-person face time) with loved ones

ADD MORE focus to daily meditation, gratitude, and reflection.

ADD MORE sleep. (Ok, maybe I’ll get to this one next year…)

I’m sure the list will grow and change throughout the year but think about it…

By ADDing MORE of the positive, the room for all the negative in life starts to drastically shrink.

I’m not trying to make you change your goals for the year but my point is to just think about tweaking your mindset about how you’re going to achieve your goals. Is your mind focused on what you can’t have or shouldn’t do? Or are you focused on all the good you can add to your life to push the negative out?

Your thoughts become your reality – Here’s to ADDing MORE positive ones this year!

Wishing all of you a happy, healthy, successful, feel-good 2017 ahead –