Meet Krista – the girl behind the Yay!

Krista is an Ohio girl born and raised. Currently living in a suburb outside of Cleveland with her husband and son, she enjoys keeping busy as a wife, mom, and full-time career woman. Krista has always had this internal motivation & drive to create her own blog and welcomes you to Spread the Yay, a feel-good lifestyle blog focused on good food, motivating stories, and fun finds.

“I have been inspired by so many creative people over the years and will be sure to feature many of them in my posts! I hope you enjoy browsing through my site. I think you will quickly find that I’m a lover of life. I’m a lover of learning. I’m far from perfect. I’m a go-getter. And I’m so glad to have you on this awesome journey with me!” – Krista

It took Krista years {literally, YEARS} to find the courage & confidence to tackle a creative project like this…

“I kept thinking to myself – What will people think? What will people say to me about this? Behind my back? Can I really help inspire people like I’ve been inspired by so many others? There’s a lot of thoughts that run through your mind when you choose to open up so many parts of your life.”

Krista started Spread the Yay in January 2016…


“I finally put all crazy thoughts aside and decided to just dive in and see what happens! The overwhelming amount of support and feedback I’ve received has been incredible. I am lucky to be surrounded by good people – the ones that continue to amaze and inspire me.”

Krista isn’t the only girl behind Spread the Yay. Meet Katy, Krista’s sister, best friend, go-to gal, and other creative mind behind the blog. You will see guest posts from her throughout the blog regularly and you’ll be sure to save many of the recipes she shares as favorites.


“Here’s to supporting each other and being confident in trying something new…Let’s Spread the Yay! “


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