it all started with a flag


Let’s throw it back a few years. Picture this…It’s 2013 and I am deep into wedding planning. I feel like I have everything in place and then one of the tiniest details pops into my head. We need something for people to throw at us after the ceremony! 

Details, details…right?

I thought about about it for awhile and to be honest, ended with a serious laugh out loud moment. Am I really thinking about what I want people to chuck at our heads after our wedding ceremony?! 

It was time to think outside the box…

What would be the best way to showcase how we would be feeling after our ceremony? How about our guests? What sets the tone for the rest of the day? The night? And then it hit me… YAY flags!

“Yay, we’re married!”ceremonyexit

“Yay, they’re married!”

“Yay, the ceremony is over. Let’s party!”


Ok, a little much…I know. But honestly, it was perfect for our big day! What was almost just as perfect is what happened AFTER our wedding day…

The YAY flags started popping up everywhere! Someone used them in a 4th of July centerpiece for their holiday party. Someone tied one to a birthday gift for a family member. Someone even used them in their engagement photos after a surprise proposal. I received messages and pictures from so many of our loved ones using these flags for all kinds of feel-good moments.

yaycenterpiecesquareIt was fun…

It was inspiring…

And it got me thinking…

What other ways could I bring a smile, a positive thought, or even just the smallest feel-good moment to others?

This creative outlet has turned into one of my happy places and I hope it becomes one of yours. I promise to only post information that is real and that I believe in. I promise that it won’t be perfect because let’s get serious, I’m far from it. Most importantly, I promise that as much information as I’ll share, I want to learn even more!

Thank you for your support and for starting this journey with me.



YAY flag photo & photo of Kyle and I by: Photos 2 Cherish Photography {website}

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