30…My number for the year!

Happy New Year friends!

Let’s talk about the number that has a lot of meaning for me this year…


It’s a tough number to wrap my head around lately because it has two major meanings to me this year…

First, 30 is the age I will be at the end of January. {Buh-bye 20’s!}

And second, 30 is the amount of “baby” (ha…blame it on the baby!) weight I want/need to lose.

It’s a big goal, but…


I’m so ready.

When I decided to launch this site, I promised myself {and you!} that I would be real and open. So here’s the truth – One of the most difficult things I’ve faced over the last year is my weight and health. I haven’t put a focus on my personal health AT ALL {besides when I was pregnant!} and what I’m putting in my mouth is now effecting my overall mindset. I’ve always been a positive person who has had a great outlook on life. I pride myself on that and I’m not afraid to say it! But lately, my mood has been well…BLAH. It’s not me! It’s that feeling of being stuck in the WRONG body & mind and I’m ready to change it. I’m MORE THAN READY.

Here’s the deal though…I’ve always HATED the concept of dieting. Diets end. The only thing that truly makes an impact both physically and {even more importantly} mentally is a lifestyle change.

It’s time to get rid of the stress eating. It’s time to kick my sugar addiction. It’s time to start thinking of food as fuel. And it’s time get my booty off the couch & on the treadmill!

I will be posting regularly on this topic of personal wellness and my journey to lose 30+ during my 30th year. Selfishly, a big reason for this category of the blog is to hold myself accountable and stay true to the goals I’ve set for myself.

Let’s make 2016 the year to focus on our health. Without it, nothing else matters. I know personally it will make me a better mom, wife, family member, friend, and coworker. What could better health and a clearer mind do for you? I’m ready to focus, learn, and share with you! Let’s not make this a “new year’s resolution” but instead a lifestyle change. I’m excited. I’m ready. Who is with me? Let’s do this!





Product Details: Grey sweater/sweatshirt (best of both worlds!) is Nike and can be found HERE (Just an FYI: The one I’m wearing is last year’s version and the ONLY difference is the Nike symbol on the front rather than the arm)