30-Day Water Challenge

From pitcher night in college to a glass of pinot or a mug of hot green tea now, my “Thirsty Thursday” celebrations have changed just a bit. Today, in honor of Thirsty Thursday, I wanted to share a challenge I am taking part in with my coworkers!

We are calling it the 1:30:100 challenge.

1 day at a time. 30 days in a row. 100 ounces of water per day.

It’s fun to do something together as an office. So many times coworkers bond over sweets & treats {don’t get me wrong, we do that too!} but to be a part of something healthy together is such a great motivator! This is a fun challenge for any office but also for groups of friends, your family, or hey, just you! The challenge is simple – track your water every day for 30 days and try your best to hit that 100 ounces {or more} each day! We are using THIS free printable water tracker sheet to track our intake. I also love using the MyFitnessPal app to track my water {and food!} intake each day.

Thanks to “What Mommy Does” blog for the free water tracker! Click the image to visit her page and print!


Do you already drink 100+ ounces of water consistently every day? If so, you are my hero. I thought I drank a lot of water most days before starting this challenge but now when tracking it, the truth comes out. Some days, I’m at 100 ounces by 2pm! Others, I’ve had 100 ounces of coffee but no water by 2pm {semi-kidding, but you get the point}.

The focus of the challenge is just that though – to challenge yourself, hold yourself accountable, set your mind to a goal, and DO IT. The days I realize I haven’t even met half the goal of 100 ounces per day by the time I leave work are the days it hits me the most – I NEED THIS. I need the accountability factor and the challenge of not just drinking the amount of water {although so good for my health!} but I need the challenge of tracking my healthy AND not-so-healthy decisions I make throughout the day. This water challenge {week one down!} has been an awesome step in the right direction.

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If you’re new to Spread the Yay, I made a commitment from the beginning that I would only post about things I believe in, real goals, and be as completely open as possible. I’ve talked about my weight in quite a few posts like THIS one and THIS one. My ultimate goal: to lost 30 pounds. This has been my goal since January and here’s the open & honest part, I’m down 18…STILL. Yes, it’s an awesome step in the right direction but am I thrilled with my progress? NO. I was on a roll and holding myself accountable to every workout I did and every meal/snack I was eating. And then, I got stuck in a rut. I talk a lot about choices in my posts and in this case, the ONLY things holding me back from continuing forward with my weight loss goal are my choices. Taking part in this water challenge, making time to exercise, and surrounding myself with supportive people has got me totally motivated again. I’m ready to dig myself out of the rut and continue forward with my goal!

Forward progress. Isn’t that what life is about?

What other ways do you keep yourselves accountable to your health and/or weight loss goals? I would love another challenge idea to take part in!

One small change after one small change can lead to BIG results.

Join me in the water challenge and keep me updated on your progress! Here’s to supporting and motivating each other!

spread the yay

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