3 YAY Moments of the Week

Life is all about celebrating the big moments, little moments, and all the moments in between. So try this… take 5 minutes today and think through your 3 favorite moments of the week. {Your “YAY” moments!} As we all know, it’s important to keep moving forward in life. But to stop for a moment and be grateful for memories & moments is just as important and will totally motivate you for the future. Think about your YAY moments of the week, relive them, and let the smiles flow!

Happy Friday, friends! Here are my 3 YAY moments of the week!

{one} Our road trip to Annapolis!


I will do a full post on my Annapolis favorites but this trip was a compilation of some serious YAY moments! My sister rode with us and it was such a blast spending time with her, my hubby, and our son, Karter. {She even put up with our “shake your sillies out” kid songs for the second year in a row! Such a trooper.} The entire trip in Annapolis was spent relaxing, boating, eating & drinking, catching up with family, & truly celebrating life. To my amazing family…thank you! You inspire me in so many ways. “TEAM AWESOME”

{two} Taking a vacation day to spend purely with my little man.


After we got home from Annapolis, I took a day off to spend with Karter! We stayed in our PJs until lunch. We ate pizza. We played hard at the park {TWICE}. As a full-time career woman, these full-on momma days are the best kind of vacation days! Spending quality time just playing with our son is something my husband and I feel so strongly about. Turning off the TV, putting our phones in another room, and just focusing on each other. To have a full day of play with my adventurous sweet boy made my momma heart smile!

{three} Decluttering our house.

The day after I took a vacation day to spend with Karter, I took a day to focus on our home. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve been focusing more on quality over quantity when it comes to all the STUFF in our life. {Clothes, shoes, home decor, etc.} I used to pick up a few things each week to “spruce” up our house or add to my wardrobe and over time, it’s just added complete clutter to our lives. I love to shop and that won’t change, but the amount of stuff that we hang on to, that will definitely change! With less time to clean {Well, that’s by choice. I’d rather play then clean!} I don’t want to have to move ten decorative pieces just to wipe down a table or shelf. It was time to declutter and donate items we just don’t use anymore to people who truly need them. And let me tell you, it feels oh-so good!

Tip of the week: Declutter to destress.

Use this in all areas of your life…it truly works!

Enjoy your weekend! Happy Friday friends!

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